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Web Development

Showcase website, web-application, blog, e-commerce and other..

What does it mean developer for web?

It means being able to design and implement the right solution for the customer needs, offering useful ideas and using the appropriate tools knowing that everything is constantly changing and evolving.
An example of this thing is the growing importance that has taken over the years the creation of web sites responsive (that is viewable on any type of screen regardless of the size).
Our products are always made by implementing this feature that is essential for this type of development and following the same logic we are constantly focused in the identification and anticipation of future trends and standards.

What are the solutions for the web development?

As we said the web and its tools are constantly evolving, making it a very dynamic world where new trends or standards are quickly introduced.
One of the secrets to develop the right solution for every occasions is to know what this world offers in order to make the right choices.
Sometimes you have to create from scratch the entire project by writing all the code that makes it usable, sometimes you can rely on existing tools that allow you to speed up the development.

How does it cost a web project?

There can not be a single fixed price for all projects because each project has its own identity, where play different factors. A web project in fact is not only made of code and text to be written for its creation, but also (and especially!) of other types of content and related services.
In some projects, our task can only be the re-use of existing material and then the creation of a structure that uses them, but can also to occur to create textual and visual content (logos, image coordinates, photographs, video) that make the project bigger.
Each project has its own history, where you with us are the main actors.


It is the most popular instrument used to open activities to the digital world since it is the quickest and most immediate way to create a web presence. Basically a standard showcase website consists of some descriptive pages, photo galleries, and direct contact forms but can extended and customized realizing targeted features.

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This tool can be a part of a website or something that has its own life and can beĀ  developed when you want to create or maintain a community of people who follow specific topics. The blog it can represent a good way to create a reputation, but at the same time can be used by companies and people to post regular updates about their own experiences.

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When you want to open an additional sales channel with the goal to create or extend own customers you can considere to development an e-commerce system. Our mission will be to guide, assist and support you during the creation and setting of the catalog, prices and product pages. As for the blog this tool can have its own life as single service or be a part inside other project.

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When we talk about web-application we mean a more evolved form of all other web services that we have shown and that can exist. We refer to the creation of a dynamic and complex web tools dedicated to specific purposes. Like traditional web sites are always accessible through the most common web browsers but allow the execution of specific tasks such as management and administrative portals linked to other services.

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