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5 question to know us better

What is the best way to know who you are facing? Doing a few questions and getting the answers, obviously.
We introduce ourselves using the so-called rule of  Five Ws that is schema for a good composition of conversation.


We are a group of young people who have decided to take initiative and jump into the world of work relying on their skills.
We are ambitious, dynamic and highly interested in the technology and its different uses.
We like to stay up to date and not being omniscient we continually form ourselves in order to expand our capabilities.
Want more? See the section team and partners.



The main word is passion.
We do it for this, and the desire to feel important and realized in things that interest us.
We are young and we decided to try build our future staking everything on ourselves, on our own strength and our desire to emerge.



We started a bit for fun, when students we have begun to realize our first projects, but over time we have seen that the dynamics of what we were doing was engaging, fun and rewarding.
For some years we put into play our ability at the service of our and your ideas, with the aim to grow and get better and better over time.



Our base camp is Rapallo, inside the Gulf of Tigullio, but fortunately working with technology and digital systems the barriers and distances are shortened and easily overcome.
For this reason we are open to collaborations outside of our areas, and we owe it to the fact that we believe that the base of every relationship are the ideas and motivations of people. If these are strong there is no displacement or distance that can block us.



We know we said five questions, and instead this is the sixth, but it was only right to put it.
It is important to know what to do but also how, because the quality and methodology are also important.
To explore this issue, we refer to the page that illustrates our approach.

Our operative areas

In addition to the above questions that introduce and describe us enough, it should also be explained what are the areas of our business.
In this way you can better understand where we operate and know if we can be the team that will solve your problems.

The web&apps area covers everything that can be enjoyed through the screens of a computer or a smartphone and tablet.
The web is changing fast and even mobile development, bringing out different types of applications with different of purposes.
To this section can be included the development of products such as traditional showcase websites, e-commerce sites, administrative portals and other innovative solutions such as the development of cross-platform games.

The communication area covers all activities that have to do with the traditional and innovative communication, covering all known channels both online and offline.
This section includes projects related to the development of materials for the corporate image and brand identity (eg. Posters, business cards, brochures), web campaigns (Google, advertising), promotion and social media management (eg. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) or other initiatives less digital and more related to physical events.

The interaction area covers topics that are much wider and broader than what can be expressed through the use of a mouse, keyboard or touch screens.
In this section we focus on the design of highly interactive and immersive experience, where the environment and the devices must adapt to the user’s behavior.
These solutions involve the use of sophisticated technology as well as the possibility instead of using traditional technologies but in unusual ways.
The projects in this category belong for example to the world of the Internet of Things (IoT) and virtual reality (VR) where the use of different technologies together give rise to experiences of high value.