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How we work

Our approach

In addition to illustrate the services that we are able to offer we would like also to show how we work and how we maintain relationships with our customers and with people who work with us inside projects.
We think there are people behind the projects in which we are involved for the development and illustrate our approach is a good thing to allow you to appreciate our seriousness, competence and professionalism.


It is the most important phase.
This is where rise relations, take shape the ideas and start projects.
At this stage we care to understand what the customer really needs, listening and helping him to make the necessary adjustments if it were needed.
The work has to start here with the collection of data, materials and documents useful for the design and development.


The stage where, once listened your needs, we move on to analyze them internally in a more structured way and begin to define the guide lines of development.
A good design is able to influence in a very positive way the development and is a good prerequisite for the ultimate success of the work.
Depending on the project, customer can receive some documents that illustrate concepts or decisions that can be changed after considerations and discussions.


After the necessary analysis, we enter the real creation phase.
Here we are going to process your requests on the basis of the guidelines identified in the design phase.
Depending on the product to be made we will use specific hardware and software tools using sometimes very different skills.
Here the customer is not forgotten and sidelined, indeed plays a key role as reviewer of the versions of the project. This allows us to make the necessary changes and a the client to view the progress of the work.


The final part of each project and also the most expected.
Arrived here means that the work has gone forward and has been successfully conducted.
The time that elapses between the beginning and the end varies depending on the complexity, on the facilities and on the difficulties that arise within each project.


Arriving at the end of the projects does not mean that the relationship should not continue, indeed often it is necessary that this continues.
For several reasons you need to follow the customer, to make improvements to the work published or to implement new ideas.