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Smart projects

Internet of Things (IoT), smart objects, smart environments

What does it mean Smart Project?

The term smart stands something that is not a simple executor and processor of information, but something different and more elaborate.
Develop a smart project is related to the creation of products that using the right technologies can exchange and share informations with other systems and also adapt their behaviour to the changes.
With the increase of network capacity and the emergence of the paradigm called the Internet of Things (IoT) is always easier to meet objects revisited and enriched with details and functions that make them smart (TV, home appliances, etcetc).
Our skills lead us to know how can be created and used the ecosystems in which can be present many different smart objects.

In which contexts can be developed Smart Project?

The already mentioned IoT paradigm can be applied to a wide range of industries going to increase the potential within them.
This type of technology can be exploited in multiple contexts such as automotive, energy, healtcare, retail and home automation.
Basically can be created products and services through the integration of different devices and technologies that enable the exchange of information generating targeted actions.


Internet of things (IoT) refer to the extension of the Internet to the world of objects and enviroments, giving them the opportunity to be identifiable and enabling the exchange, collection and usage of many types of data.