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Videogames and gamification

What does it mean develop videogames?

A game is an interactive product that requires to players to make a series of efforts in order to achieve a goal. Each game provides precise rules that define the mechanics behind the interaction.
Develop this type of applications, or interactive entertainment software, requires different types of  skills, 2D and 3D graphics, illustration, copywriting, art direction and game design.

For what kind of platform can be developed videogames?

We would like to begin saying that our works born with the goal to being cross-platform, available both on mobile environments such as smartphones and tablets (iOS, Android, WindowsPhone8), and desktop Win / Mac / Linux. This means that we are able to cover different types of existing deployments such as publications on Apple Store and Google Play.
If there was a necessity, our expertise and partnerships allow us to produce even most complex videogame dedicated to console systems available the market (Playstation, Nintendo Wii, xBox)

What does it mean the term gamification?

The term comes from the word “Game”, also associated to the simple fun without particular goal. Taking advantage of the interactivity of modern devices and the principles behind the concept of fun, the Gamification is a powerful tool capable of conveying messages of various types, depending on the needs. It can encourage active behaviors from the users, allowing you to achieve specific goals. At the center of this approach must always be placed the active involvement of user as player.
Objectives that are normally achieved through the use of Gamification are for example the improvement of customer management, consolidation of loyalty to a brand or even the improvement of the efficiency and overall performance by employees and partners.