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SEO & Social Media

Search engine, social network and follower

What does it mean SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This word indicates all the necessary work made for the structure and content of a Web Site in order that will be easy for the search engines create an index of the pages. In fact, once a site has been realized we must index and position all the structure. All our products are developed considering these important aspects, but we are also able to operate on other projects in a second time with the aim to improve the value of these factors.

How important are social media?

Social networks are a very important tool to support the communication of companies, individuals and projects as they allow to reach a wide audience in shorten time.
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Youtube are the most used platforms for these purposes, and each with their own dynamics and interaction, allows to convey different content and messages becoming an additional way to generate visibility and interest.

How i can use social network for my purposes?

Create an online identity is just the first step, then they need to be active and interesting, and you can do it by creating a series of Social Media Strategy mechanisms designed to strengthen your identity and connection with the relevant public.
There are in fact a whole range of activities such as creating and planning advertising campaigns in which companies, through the creation of specific content, can achieve several objectives (greater visibility, increased sales, engagment)